Why Does Cleaning an Empty Home Take More Time?

by | May 8, 2019 | House Cleaning Service

When you imagine house cleaning, you might believe that cleaning an occupied house might take more time. But, most times that’s not the case. When you’re changing places, you ought to do a move in/move out cleaning, with maidREADY, which is an in-depth cleaning which takes a little longer than a routine cleaning because there are several surfaces and areas that aren’t typically cleaned.


Why does cleaning empty homes take longer?

An empty home takes longer to clean; the primary reason is that spaces that aren’t typically cleaned are going to get a cleaning.

There are a multitude of areas of your house which do not get cleaned on a routine maintenance cleaning. These include: shelves inside the kitchen cabinetry, pantries, bathrooms, laundry rooms, under the sinks, drawers, shelves in closets, as well as the deep cleaning of air registers and light fixtures. Cabinetry fronts, door frames and facings; you’d be surprised to find out precisely how much dirt and dust actually is found in those spaces.

Routine house cleanings may assist in keeping your house free of bacteria, dust, and dirt. But, in the time you reside in one house, the quantity of build-up, grime, and dirt may increase in these places that aren’t regularly cleaned. There are multiple areas which most folks forget about or simply don’t believe they need to clean. It permits your house to gather a layer of dust, making you ill from the bacteria which live in the dust and dirt. For people who have allergies, this may make their symptoms worse over a period of time.

Without any appliances and furniture in your house, there are more spaces which weren’t cleaned before and must be deep cleaned to ensure the new tenants will receive a sparkling clean home. It may take time because every room must be cleaned from top to bottom, from the ceiling fans down to the baseboards. Blinds may receive special treatment because of build-up which might accumulate over time. The flooring, walls, and baseboards in which the washer and dryer and refrigerator once were, require additional time and attention. Also, there’s no dusting involved, surfaces are cleaned with microfiber cloths, professional products, as well as a number of cleaning techniques that ensure that all of the surfaces are disinfected and clean.


Why’s a move in/ out so critical?

A move in/ out also is an important part of the process of home buying. Killing off bacteria residing in the house you’ve just purchased may help to prevent an undesired situation. If you have kids in your house or family members with weaker immune systems the quantity of bacteria in our houses may make some folks sick, even if no one in your house has been ill. It’s why you ought to arrange a move in/ out cleaning with maidREADY in order to decrease the possibility that you or your loved ones won’t become ill from the new environment.

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