How to Safely Store your China Dinnerware

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Naturally, you do not want your best dishes getting all banged up as you are trying to protect them. Here, we’ll discuss the do’s and don’ts of taking care of these delicate items and pick up some china storage tips along the way.


Do Display the Dishes

Whether your dishes are a family pattern, wedding gift or something you saved for to purchase yourself, there isn’t any shame in wanting to place it on display. Be certain your cabinet or hutch is set up for this task with grooves for the lips of bowls and plates. If these are not built in, invest in some quality plate display stands which will not slip about. However, never try to display china by balancing them on the back wall of a hutch. One simple nudge with a hip or vacuum cleaner might leave you feeling like a bull ran through the china cabinet.


Do not use your Dishwasher

Unless your dishes specifically say they are dishwasher safe, they always should be cleaned by hand.


Do Properly Space China Dinnerware

As you are storing dishes or placing them inside a display case, you want to ensure that you have given each plate, cup, and bowl plenty of space. China that is placed too close to each other is more likely to chip if a china hutch or storage box gets accidentally jostled.


Do not Stack China Too High

As it’ll come to stacks of formal plate ware, bigger is not better. While it is admirable to attempt to maximize space, higher stacks may result in plates becoming broken or scratched if they slide. Also, all those top dishes put a lot of pressure on the plate at the bottom. Thereby, it is a good rule to stack no more than around 8 plates.


Do Consider Smart Dishware Storage Ideas

The sky is the limit as it’ll come to containers which may help you find out how to store dishware safely. Besides traditional display shelves, cabinets, and hutches, it’s also possible to buy both soft- and hard-sided cases for your tea settings, bowls, and plates. Regardless of which dishware storage idea you choose, be certain to place the packed-away dishes within a place that does not see much traffic. It’ll greatly decrease the opportunity of china being damaged when it is stowed in the off season.


Do not Pack China Using Newspaper

Newspaper often is a convenient and cheap packaging material, which is the reason why it is one of the first china storage tips to come to mind for most people. Here is the hitch — the ink utilized to print newspapers may bleed onto the dishes, which means you will need to spend even more time washing them. That ink even could cause damaged patterns if you need to scrub to remove it. Even worse, newsprint might result in permanent staining. As you consider those factors, it is better to skip the newspaper and buy brown packing paper, which typically is inexpensive.

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