How to: Minimalist Decorating

by | May 15, 2019 | Housekeeping Winnipeg

Every decade has its memorable trend in designs — vibrant colors ruled the 1960’s, shag carpeting covered floors in the 1970s, and no 1990s house was complete without floral drapes. And as for the last couple of years, no trend has permeated houses quite like minimalism (thank you, Marie Kondo!).

As it might be simple to assume a minimalism-inspired house is simpler to design (because there actually are fewer items to pick out, right?), it actually is the opposite. Contrary to belief, minimalist decorating may be as tricky as other styles of design. Luckily for you, maidREADY is here to assist you in kicking off spring and summer the proper way — with a minimalist house that is Instagram-worthy!

Break out the trash bags

Before even thinking about decorating and organizing, you have to declutter. We understand that it may be difficult, yet take a closer look into your kitchen or living room and ask yourself, “Do I actually love or need this?” If the answer is “no,” it is time for this item to be thrown out or donated.

You can never have too much neutral

As it’ll come to major pieces like your area rug, couch, and bedding, do not be afraid to stick to an extremely neutral pallet. Those basics aren’t just simple to match, yet they are going to automatically give your house a coordinated feel. As the basics are covered, add texture, pattern, as well as color in the form of greenery, throws, and pillows.

Allow natural light to flood the room

With the darkness of winter, at last, behind us, spring and summer is the ideal time to trade that heavy drapery in for light curtains which blow with the breeze and allow more natural lighting in. Plus, if all major pieces in the room are neutral and sleek, curtains are an additional excellent place to add a pop of texture and color.

Go frameless inside your bedroom

Are you looking to actually embrace the concept of less is more? Get rid of that bed frame and trade it in for a box spring and a mattress that is covered in a colorful throw and modern pillows.

Every house needs plants

Plants tend to be that trend that spans generations. If there is something every house needs, it is greenery! Plus, have no fear if you do not have a green thumb, as rubber and fake houseplants have come a very long way since you were young and are a low-maintenance, fantastic alternative to green, live plants.

Live Life in a House You Adore

Because neutral colors and clean lines rule the house, minimalist design does not hide messes as well as additional styles. Although, do not allow that to stop you from living your decorating dream! Rather than spending time cleaning the house, you ought to simply be enjoying it. maidREADY is here to make sure that happens.

For more details on how we can declutter and clean your home contact us today at (204) 272-7337.

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