How to Load the Dishwasher

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There are some things to remember when you are learning the best way to load the dishwasher.

  • Each machine brand has different internal workings and racks, which means each has a special loading pattern. Consult the manufacturer’s directions about how to load the dishwasher to make sure you obtain the most efficient cleaning.
  • Pre-rinse all dishes which will be sitting inside the dishwasher for a while before running a cycle.
  • Some things — such as cast-iron cookware — never should go in the machine. Be certain you know which dishwasher taboos exist before you hit the start switch.
  • Do not stack dishes, as it prevents the sprayer from efficiently reaching everywhere.
  • Be certain plastic items are secure, in order for them not to get knocked loose. If they’re unsettled and get too close to the heating component, they might melt.
  • Avoid crowding your dishwasher, as it may lead to dishes becoming broken or not effectively being washed.


Loading Silverware inside the Dishwasher

  • When you can, mix knives, spoons, and forks to prevent them from nesting.
  • Load a few utensils — such as spoons and forks — with their handles facing down.
  • Knives ought to be loaded with their handles facing up in order for you not to cut yourself.
  • Keep stainless-steel and silver-plated utensils separate in order to prevent damage to the good silver.


How to Load Larger Items

It is a known fact that bigger dishes — such as casserole dishes, plates, mixing bowls and dishwasher-safe baking sheets —ought to be loaded on its bottom rack. However, there are some things you may not know.

  • Be certain the biggest items are positioned towards the back and sides of the rack.
  • Load all dishes so that the side that’s dirty faces its sprayer.
  • Space larger items out to ensure they are cleaned properly.
  • Do not assume that just because something is large or metal, it is dishwasher safe. Most non-stick pans and pots ought to be washed by hand; therefore, always check the care directions.


Loading Smaller Things in the Dishwasher

As you probably know, the top rack should be reserved for smaller things, like small glasses and bowls, and coffee mugs. We have some extra tips to help you make the most of every cycle.

  • Place things in between the tines on the dish rack — instead of on top of them — in order to prevent water spots.
  • Load mugs and cups at an angle — with the interior of the cup facing the sprayer — to assist in limiting pooling.
  • First, unload the bottom rack so any liquid which has puddled in mugs or cups does not splash on clean dish ware.
  • When it comes to cleaning wine glasses, skip the dishwasher, as their delicate stems and globes can break easily.
  • Load plastic, dishwasher-safe storage containers and additional plastic things on the top rack — and away from the heating component — to aid in preventing buckling and warping.

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