Green Cleaning: What are the Pros and Cons?

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Green cleaning offers a doable option to the tried and true products in the marketplace today. However, green cleaning has its own disadvantages and advantages. When properly used with the adequate care, traditional cleaning products are safe, yet of more concern are small children and pets who accidentally could come into hazardous contact with them. Safety concerns alone make green cleaning a better option, and there are also other advantages. There are, however, some cons to the use of green cleaning solutions even if they’re better for our environment.

Let us look into green cleaning’s pros and cons.



  • Known Elements – Green cleaning, as well as the products utilized to achieve a green clean contain ingredients which are known to the user. It’ll make a healthier home and an eco-friendly atmosphere.  Specialists have come to the conclusion that even utilizing a standard household spray on a week-to-week basis may boost the risk of one of the most rapidly advancing diseases, asthma.
  • Reduced Expenses – Most individuals are under the impression that purchasing green or utilizing green cleaning products is costly. It may be a determining factor for most to remain with the status quo. Realistically, the price of baking soda, vinegar, and some of the additional ingredients necessary to blend your own natural cleaning sprays are low.
  • Clearer Environment – The antibacterial that is used in traditional cleaning products allows the release of hazardous chemicals within the environment. Green cleaning assists in lessening pollution to lakes, rivers, as well as oceans, in conjunction with the minimization of the effect of ozone depletion and global climate change.



  • Questionable Ingredients: While these green cleaning components blended by your own hands are known, manufacturers of green cleaning products aren’t required by law to list all of the components on their packaging.  It may lead to ‘greenwashing’ or labeling of false ingredients.
  • Greenwashing – Within recent years several organizations and companies have started to see the advantage of using the green movement in order to market their services and products. It has led to the practice of greenwashing.  Plainly put, greenwashing is shown as any organization utilizes more money and time claiming they’re ‘green’ through marketing techniques than actually using the services and products which curtail the carbon footprint.
  • More Time Utilized Cleaning- While green cleaning agents are better for our environment overall, they aren’t as severe. That means the time spent cleaning may take much longer and winds up not being cost effective.

As there are mixed cons and pros when it’ll come to green cleaning, it’s important to know that all green cleaning is one step in the right direction in helping our environment.

But, unlike the majority of products, green cleaning is a theory and a product. The ones who actually believe in ‘going green’ are going to do so and figure out the best methods of utilizing green cleaning products.  

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