Four Steps to Better Organization of your Pet

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Your furry pal is part of your family, and it really shows. They tend to have every toy imaginable and more leashes and collars than you actually have jewelry. Tossing everything inside a bin likely does not work for you; therefore, we have a few pet organizing options for when you (or your pet) requires something in a hurry.


Step One: De-clutter

You do not need that collar your pup has outgrown or those raggedy dog toys which never get really played with anymore. While at it, you can throw out those stale dog treats you purchased a couple of months back and check the backyard for the fossilized remains of older tennis balls. An insane amount of toys is unneeded and more than likely most go ignored, so attempt to cut down to around to 5 to 10 that your dog plays with the most. A basket or bin that is tucked inside a space that’s easily accessible to both you and your dog is the ideal area to store them.


Step Two: Treat Their Treats

Treat boxes and pet food bags may look ugly and are not the most durable if your dog makes the decision to be a bit naughty as you are not looking. Your best bet includes buying food storage containers in either plastic or glass. They are going to appear so much better, as well as keep their food fresh, because if you do not like stale food, neither will your dog.


Step Three: Establish a Walking Station

Walking your pup isn’t always hassle-free, yet a walking station may add much needed convenience. It is better to keep leashes upon a hook by your door for convenient access and hang a towel up so that you always are prepared to wipe muddy dog paws. A tiny bucket upon a shelf may hold doggy bags and lint roller to take off unwanted dog hair on your clothing before you go out for the day.


Step Four: Grooming Made Easy

If we are being truthful, your pet will probably never enjoy his baths, yet it is possible to make things more convenient for yourself by keeping all their grooming supplies inside a convenient area. We recommend placing their scrubber, shampoo, and brush inside a portable shower caddy which easily can be taken outdoors or put by the tub. Then, it is possible to hide it underneath the sink when not being used.

Now that you have your pet supplies organized, it is possible to get in touch with MintyMaids to deal with all unwanted messes that are left behind so you may appreciate more time with your furry pal.

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