3 Kitchen Cleaning Myths Debunked

by | May 29, 2019 | Cleaning Tips

Here, the experienced maid service of maidREADY debunks some kitchen cleaning myths:

Myth 1: Stove tops and floors are the most unsanitary kitchen surfaces While kitchen stovetops and floors are, without a doubt, greasy, the surfaces are more than likely to spread foodborne illnesses to your sponge and sink—which are utilized for all things from scrubbing raw chicken juice off of cutting boards to rinsing E. coli, as well as additional germs off lettuce leaves. The issue is that the majority of folks do not pause to correctly disinfect and clean their cleaning basins and tools, essentially crafting the ideal environment for germs to multiply and thrive. Your kitchen drain and sponge stink because they house a breeding, germ party!  How will you close down their microscopic good time? Clean, dry, then disinfect. Germs dislike clean, dry surfaces as it starves them to death; therefore, put the sponge through the washing machine or just toss it out for good.

Myth 2: It’s possible to clean stainless-steel appliances with only polish It feels as if we are telling a kid that Santa Clause is not real, yet here we go: Those bottles of stainless-steel polish and cleaner are lying to you. They do not really clean, at least not well. Legally, because oils inside the product lubricating some dirt, they technically can refer to it as a cleaner; however, the fact is that it doesn’t have any disinfectants or detergents to remove germs and dirt. Even worse, the waxes and polymers in most of those products actually produce a film which traps any dirt you haven’t removed. Oily, trapped dirt makes it more convenient for new germs and dirt to stick, as well as spread on your appliance. Instead, you should clean before polishing! Particularly for kitchen appliances that you’re frequently touching with raw-meaty, dirty hands, it is vital that you choose a disinfecting, quality, all-purpose cleaner that’s safe for stainless steel. Next, just wash down the unit. After drying, buff in a tiny bit of polish to enhance the stainless-steel’s natural beauty.

Myth 3: The kitchen cabinets do not have to be cleaned frequently We’re frankly not certain why this myth grew so popular. The truth is, the cabinets, particularly the handles, include some of the most consistently touched and unfairly neglected kitchen surfaces. Just consider how frequently your sniffly kiddo rubbed her dripping nose then opened up the cabinet for a treat; or how frequently mid-recipe you have opened a cabinet for that final ingredient with your meaty or raw-egg hands. We will not even talk about your family’s overly speedy restroom hand washers.  And beyond germs, steam that rises off the stovetop also carries food particles and oils which ultimately coat all surrounding cabinetry with a fine layer of gooey grime. Countertop fryers speed up this process tenfold. The cabinets deserve a thorough wipe down each week using a disinfecting, high-quality, all-purpose cleaner, particularly inside the areas that surround the handles. For more information on the experienced maids -maidREADY call us today at (204) 272-7337.

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